We proudly feature Nine Plus Wetsuits, The finest wetsuits available to keep you warm and flexible.

Nineplus wetsuits exclusively use Yamamoto rubber which is derived from Limestone and is over 99.7% calcium carbonate compared to petroleum based neoprene manufactured by other companies. Our neoprene is as environmentally friendly as possible.  

The entire Nineplus wetsuit range is produced exclusively with Yamamoto™ Smooth Skin #39 Neoprene from Japan. By using this type of rubber, the suit not only takes on less water, but prevents any water contained within the suit from being cooled by the wind – which is the main reason you get cold while in the water.


The suit has been built around the muscles of the human body so it sucks into the form of the body making it fit like a custom and feeling like a second skin. Surfing longer means staying lighter as your bodies muscles have to work less in pulling heavy neoprene around which means you use your energy pulling you through the water rather than the pulling the water around with you.

Nineplus & HASU use Yamamoto which assures;

Uniform cell structure

Highest Heat Insulation & Warmth

Lightweight & the lowest water absorption possible

In addition and something quite unique to a Nineplus wetsuit is the use of smooth-skin – or single lined neoprene as it’s known in the business. This is found on both the top and bottom surfaces of the neoprene when it is pressed in a mould (like a giant flower press) the surface layers are sealed by the mould and is why the surface is smooth and completely water tight.