Retro Jacket Front Zip with Red Band in 2/1.5mm / Nine Plus Wetsuit

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Nineplus has been producing the smooth-skin jacket for the last 15 years (before the trend) and along with with standard full front zip jacket is one of the best selling items we produce. We have added a full red band around the jacket as an option which is a glued into the panel and is made from in red Yamamoto smoothskin.


Nineplus wetsuits fit smaller than many US brands. Please refer to the sizing charts below and take extra care when selecting your size. If your measurements indicate two size options to you our advice would be to choose the larger size.

Nineplus wetsuits are meant to fit with the rubber in a relaxed state in the shoulders and chest area. If the rubber is at full stretch it will shorten the life of the suit. Please note that an incorrectly sized suit will not be eligible for warranty coverage.

If we do not have your size in stock please contact us and we can get one delivered for you.

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