6'0 Pleasant Pheasant / Almond Surfboards

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6'0 Pleasant Pheasant / Almond Surfboards

6' x 20 1/2 x 2 1/4 , Full gloss and polish, single fin box(7.5" single fin included) w/FCS side bite boxes.

The "Plez Phez" is a bit more progressive than the Joy, featuring a narrower, straighter outline, which provides more rail-to-rail control. For surfer's who are more accustomed to shortboards or fishes, the "Plez Phez" is a more natural transition, because of the drive it offers.

It will handle medium to biggish waves with more ease than the Joy, because of the narrower outline.

BEST FOR: Surfers who want a little more drive and sensitivity out of a mid-sized board.